Function Of The White Board:

White board actually provides an opportunity to the people that they can look at it and gather the information from the board. Most of the white boards are mounted on the wall so, people can gather or collect the information from the them. White boards are considered as a necessary tool for the class room because it allows the teacher to accommodate students in different teaching styles. Most of the schools and colleges prefer to use magnetic whiteboards as they can be moved easily from one place to another and they actually provide the convenience to the teachers and students. Moreover, teachers can post photographs and other studies relevant images on the magnetic white boards. White board is tool that engage the students with multiple type of material in the class presented by teacher. Every student wants retain some new knowledge and skill so, white board plays a significant role in providing that specific knowledge or skill an any institution. Although, every student may have the different learning styles but they all have to engage with the whiteboard mounted in the class room. Lectures related to science subject could not be completed without the white board because they have some technical or complicated points that needs be solved in front of students for their better understanding. Students just need to look on a one specific area and gather the knowledge and that specific area is called white board. We must say white board is the best choice if we want to save the resources as its far better option than handouts with a lot of paper and inks to get the point across. Moreover, white boards have reduced the fatigue of the teachers as well.

Benefits of interactive white board:

There are countless benefits of whiteboards in Australia. White board actually provide the convenience to the teachers as they can make review and revise the lessons to the students. It also provides an opportunity to the teachers as they can structure the lesson for the better understanding of their students. White board even help the students in boosting up their confidence level by presenting something on it in front of the whole class. White board actually increase the level of interaction between the teachers and the students. We must say that white board has bring convenience and flexibility for the teachers and students. Institutions should opt for the magnetic white board because it offers the multiple features that provide ease to the teachers and students.