Pros And Cons Of Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo is generally made from marble chips mixed in concrete and then its polished till smooth surface. This combination of marble and concrete makes it the best choice for floor tiles. Nowadays, they are widely used in public buildings as they are ideal for high traffic area. This can be easily said that due to their appearance and durability, the terrazzo tiles are the number one choice of architects. Everything comes with pros and cons, came goes for terrazzo in Adelaide.



Nothing matches terrazzo tile in durability. The combination of marble and concrete, both materials are known for their strength profile. When the terrazzo tiles are properly installing, they are can resist wearing off and stains. They are resistant to water; it means that they can last for longer without losing their strength. With time, if they fade or worn off, hey can be easily polished to get the fresh surface. It means that they require minimal maintenance and lasts for many years. Whenever you anticipate that any part of your building will be having high traffic and will be exposed to wear & tears, then it is smart to install terrazzo tiles in a particular area.

Wide Variety:

Now the terrazzo can be made with a mixture of different elements like marble, quartz, granite and many others. This gives freedom to designers and architects to make a mixture of different elements to create different designs. You can easily get the design of your choice that will work with the theme of your building, no other material provides such freedom in terms of variety and designing.

Multiple Application:

Terrazzo tiles are for everywhere. You can install them inside or outside, depending upon your utility. The appearance and durability are the factors that make these tiles purpose. Even you can choose a different design for indoor or outdoor tiles. These can be ideal for indoors like the living room, stairs, kitchen or if you have a swimming pool, garage, then they can be ideal as outdoor tiles. Very few types of tiles provide such flexibility.



Every good thing comes with a price. Same is the case with terrazzo tiles. They are high in price and also their initial installation cost is high. They need professional services for installation and expertise are required for installing terrazzo tile seamlessly. As if not installed properly, the damage rate will be higher or they can be harmful to the people in the building.


If you are living in the cold region then you might think twice before installing terrazzo tiles. They can be cold which make people uncomfortable who like to walk barefoot. But if you have heat insulator under your floor, then these tiles are good to go.