Information On Australian Law

 Law is something that is used to regulate social and economic behavior of the people. The law not only advocates us what not to do but what we could do. It provides and guarantees our freedom and allows us to settle disputes peacefully.

The main sources of law found in Australia are made by the Commonwealth, state and territory parliament under the backings of the Australian Constitution.

Case law, which are decisions made by the federal and state courts.

The constitution provides the federal parliament with limited powers to govern the business and business relationships. Common law is one of the main sources of law found in Australia, it is the law created through judges. This term includes the principles of equity law.

There are many different attorneys that defend individuals for different causes, these attorneys include general practice attorney, contract attorney and a family lawyer in Fremantle to name just a few.

General practice lawyers specialize in all types of laws; they do not limit their law practice to specialize in just one area. They practice criminal law, personal injury law, bankruptcy, and business law. Different general practice attorneys will have different areas of law they specialize in. There if you are looking for advice a general practice attorney is the best to talk to, as they have knowledge on several areas of law. A Contract attorney focuses on all issues arising due to contracts, it is the person you come to when you are not sure of a certain contract you have been asked to sign, or if you have already signed a contract and it has gotten you into trouble. This attorney also helps draft legal documents such as settlements and agreements.

Family law lawyers Fremantle specialize in problems that are related to families such as prenuptial agreements, they for see divorce proceedings as well as child custody cases.The law is important as these laws defend our fundamental rights. It sees to it that all people are held answerable to the same laws. Therefore if you are facing any similar difficulties or have any doubts on certain documents that you are being pressured to sign, issues with your marriage, issues with a certain contract at work then you should see to it that all of your doubts are answered by clarifying them with an attorney. After reading this article I hope it enlightens you on what law is and the different types of attorneys who help defend those laws and it is crucial that remain aware of your fundamental rights. For more info, please log on to