Increase The Plants In Your Place And Breathe In Freshness In Ambience

There is a huge species of plants which sometimes create confusion which one to go for. For your ultimate ease, these days online plants available. You just need to select the one you like the most and that’s it.

Though there are so many plants all around and one of them is Nandina Domestica which is dear to many people. If you are confused where to collect from then this rare plant can be ordered via online mode. Today, number of companies sell this plant. You just need to place your order and it will be yours. The plants are commonly known as Nandina or even Heavenly Bamboo or you can say Sacred Bamboo. It is the species of the flowering plant in the family of the Berberidaceae. It is a native plant of Eastern Asia and comes to the Himalayan Mountains to Japan. It is one of its own kind of monotypic genus Nandina.

Though the name is common, it is not in the category of bamboo. Being erect and evergreen in nature, it can move upwards to 2 meters and 1.5 meters wide. It comes to innumerous branch stems growing deep from the ground level. It has glossy leaves which are deciduous in cold weather. The leaves in the spring season are pink in color and sometimes red before turn into green. Older leaves become red or sometimes purple in color before they fall down. The flowers are white in color and born in summer season in conical group held above the foliage. The fruit of the plant is bright red in color with 5 to 10 mm diameter and ripen during late autumn and persisting winter.

  • Toxicity in the plantAll the parts of the plant are usually poisonous consisted of several compounds which are decomposed to produce hydrogen cyanide. In fact, it is fatal when ingested. This plant is placed in Toxicity category, but the berries are toxic to the animals so beware of this and keep animals away from this plant. You can learn more by visiting 
  • Status of the plantThis plant has two seedlings with two different green cotyledons, along with red-green leaf. It is becoming available in the North East, especially in the northeast areas. It grows a lot in Texas due to dry conditions. It fruits the varieties because birds spread the seeds in a natural area where there is a huge crowd via seeding and by growing the underground stems.